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    NBVO electric motor quality bearings (EMQ) are designed to provide quiet and smooth operation in electric motors. They are available in various configurations including open and single or double sealed or shielded types. Our line of EMQ bearings includes the 6000, 6200, 6800 and 6900 series and are manufactured to ABEC 3 and ABEC5, Z2V2, Z3V3 and Z4V4 specifications. Inch series are available as well. As to the grease, we will according to the bearing working temperature to choose.
    We are confident in our ability to manufacture and meet the high demands for quiet and smooth running EMQ bearings for the electric motor market.
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About Us

Ningbo NBVO Seiko Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional OEM Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings Manufacturer and ODM Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings Supplier, , was founded in 2013 and specializes in high precision and low noise deep groove ball bearings. Our factory is equipped with modern production and measurement equipment, with a quality management system in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, TUV IATF 16949:2016, ROHS, and REACH standards. The skilled employees and the modern high-precision equipment allow the factory to release grade 6 and above bearings with accuracy. The noise level of stainless steel bearings can reach ZV3 and chrome steel bearings can reach ZV4.


  • REACH Test Reports
  • ROHS Test Report
  • IATF16949-2016
  • Environmental Management System Certificate


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Industry Knowledge Extension

EMQ stands for "Electric Motor Quality" bearings. These are a type of high-precision ball bearings specifically designed and manufactured for electric motors. The EMQ designation indicates that these bearings meet stringent quality standards and are optimized for use in electric motor applications.
Can EMQ bearings minimize friction and optimize performance?
EMQ bearings, as a type of high-quality bearings, aim to ensure their stability and performance optimization in various applications through strict production processes and quality control. Special attention is paid to reducing friction and optimizing performance in its design and manufacturing process.
Firstly, the clearance design of EMQ bearings is very suitable, which is achieved by precisely controlling the inner diameter, outer diameter, and ball diameter of the bearings. The clearance, also known as the clearance inside the bearing, plays a crucial role in the rotational speed and performance of the bearing. Appropriate clearance not only reduces the friction of bearings during operation, but also improves their rotational efficiency.
Secondly, EMQ bearings use precise ball ring and bearing geometry control during the manufacturing process, as well as appropriate lubricant selection. These measures collectively reduce the noise and vibration of the bearings, thereby further reducing friction. In addition, EMQ bearings have been specially designed and produced to adapt to high-speed rotation while maintaining stable performance. This design has made EMQ bearings widely used in equipment such as motors, fans, and power tools.
In summary, EMQ bearings can minimize friction and optimize performance through their unique design and manufacturing process. This makes it particularly outstanding in applications that require high speed, precision, and low noise. Therefore, EMQ bearings can indeed achieve the goals of reducing friction and optimizing performance.

Will EMQ bearings experience excessive wear or heat when used for high-speed operation?
Although EMQ bearings are carefully designed to reduce friction and optimize performance during high-speed operation, there is still a possibility of excessive wear or overheating. This mainly depends on various factors, including the manufacturing quality of bearings, installation accuracy, lubrication condition, working load, and environmental conditions.
Firstly, manufacturing quality and material selection are crucial for the wear resistance and high temperature resistance of bearings. High quality EMQ bearings should be made of high-quality materials and undergo precise processing techniques to ensure their stability and durability during high-speed operation.
Secondly, installation accuracy has a significant impact on the performance of bearings. If the bearings are installed improperly, it may lead to poor fit between the bearings and the shaft or bearing seat, thereby increasing friction and wear. Therefore, when installing EMQ bearings, it is necessary to strictly follow the technical requirements to ensure the correct installation and positioning of the bearings.
In addition, lubrication condition is also a key factor affecting bearing performance. During high-speed operation, bearings require sufficient lubricating oil or grease to maintain lubrication and reduce friction and wear. If the lubrication is insufficient or the quality of the grease is poor, the bearings may experience excessive wear or overheating.
Workload and environmental conditions are equally important. If the bearing is subjected to excessive load or the working environment temperature is too high, it may cause overheating and increased wear of the bearing. Therefore, when selecting EMQ bearings, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model and specification based on the actual working load and environmental conditions.